Jorge Alfredo Silva Cardona

Jorge Alfredo Silva Cardona is a Venezuelan businessman with more than 13 years of experience in the Agroindustrial and Natural Resources sectors with a successful  track record. The companies in the Agroindustrial Business block: AVES JHS, C.A.; PORCINOS JHS, C.A.; AGROPECUARIA EL DORADO, C.A.; ALIMENTOS ALCOPA, C.A.; ANDIEMPAQUES, C.A.; have presence in the different agroindustrial sectors, adding value in the chicken, egg, pork and balanced feed production, supply and value chain. With more than 1,200 workers and presence in 14 states of Venezuela, our companies strengthen the agroindustrial, agricultural sectors as well as the Venezuelan market itself.

Agroindustrial production was consolidated in 2012,  starting with the production of two farms with more than 400,000 laying hens, located in the States of Cojedes and Aragua, together with a laying hen raising farm located in the State of Yaracuy. This production circuit allowed the company to deliver to the market the equivalent of about 400,000 cartons of eggs per month to position itself among the top five suppliers of the industry at the national level and today has the capacity to produce 630,000 cartons/month and consequently be among the main agro-industrial groups and suppliers in Venezuela. 

In 2013, the business group ventured into the production of processed chicken with the incorporation, in the State of Yaracuy, of a farm to house breeding hens, producing fertile chicken eggs and a modern incubator in production farms located in the States of Yaracuy, Carabobo, Lara, Aragua, Barinas, Cojedes and Portuguesa, to enter in the nation’s protein market. In parallel, through an alliance with the genetic house Topigs Norvins, pork production began in two farms located in the States of Táchira and Guárico in Venezuela, where today there is an important breeding stock that delivers animals of the TN70 variety that are raised to be processed for the Venezuelan household.

Within the business group, there is also a plant for the production of balanced animal feed. This feed is used to support animal production systems and comes from two plants located in the states of Anzoátegui and Carabobo in Venezuela, with an installed capacity to manufacture 15,000 tons for the different phases of poultry and swine production, which are delivered to farms and production units.

In 2013, these agro-industrial and food companies conformed the JHS Group, which today is one of the largest producers and suppliers of proteins in the country. JHS Group began commercial relations and representation with the important Brazilian Group JBS, a global conglomerate and supplier of proteins worldwide, representation that was consolidated over time, resulting in the sale of proteins from the south of the continent for public and private markets in Venezuela.

The entrepreneur mindset of Jorge Silva, is guided and conditioned by the love his heart carries for his people, dedicating his life to helping the people who need it the most, as he leads the Misael Silva Roa Charity,  named after his beloved father, that seeks to support children, teenagers, through sports and educational scholarships and the elders around the country through donations. 


In 2016, the JHS Group acquired the Deportivo Táchira Soccer Club, in spanish Club de Fútbol Deportivo Táchira, a club with the greatest soccer tradition in the country, which trains players of all categories from the earliest age up to the professional level. The team has been crowned champion of the national tournament on several occasions and every year it obtains participation in international tournaments organized by CONMEBOL, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.

In 2019 the Technical Institute, Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Agroindustrial JHS, was founded, the only institution in Venezuela, of higher education, born from an agroindustrial production company for the benefit of the communities. The institute develops its scholar activities, with an innovative model of training by competencies based on the philosophy of learning by doing, where the teaching and learning processes merge the classroom with the productive facilities of the companies to train professionals in the offered careers of Higher University Technician in Poultry Production, Agroindustrial Production and Food Technology. Full scholarships for those students who participate in the program are also offered, with specialized training, facilitators, trainers and teachers with great experience. The goal of the JHS Institute is to continue producing not only food but supporting the youth by providing them the necessary tools for their future.This new innovative model of active training leverages, the new generation of technicians and producers to secure future employment opportunities

In 2019 Jorge Silva began the study of opportunities in several oil fields, with the idea of investing and diversifying his activities within Venezuela. A country recognized for its vast natural resources, especially Oil and Gas, he began a phase of research and information gathering about the investments needed in the Oil and Gas sector. Focused on the view of materializing his participation in this area, A&B Oil And Gas was founded. A&B Group is a partner of the Venezuelan state oil company, through a Joint Venture, with a project  controlled by the private sector, management of the operations and commercialization of the product, which translate into an increase in production and export of this strategic product for Venezuela and the world. With an investment that will increase production from 22,000 BD to 120,000 BD, assuming control of operations, more than 1,100 employees and the entire value chain of the project.

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